Why You Should be Using Dermalogica Active Moist

Dermalogica Active MoistIt’s no secret that we, here at Pure Beauty, are huge fans of all of the products we sell and would confidently recommend any of them to anyone who’s willing to listen. However, it’s not just us who loves them, as we can tell by the rave reviews we receive from our customers. Today, we thought we’d tell you about a product that is loved by everyone who uses it, Dermalogica Active Moist, and show you exactly why it should be part of your beauty regime too.

Who’s It For?

Dermalogica Active Moist is a really great all-round product which can be used by anyone with normal skin, right through to those of us who suffer with slightly excessive oil production.

What Will It Do For Me?

Well, it’s a moisturiser, so the main benefit is that it hydrates your skin, but the remarkable part is that it does it without oils. Yes, this is an oil-free product, which means that it won’t leave your skin looking shiny. It will also smooth your skin and improve the texture of your face.

What Does it Contain?

As we mentioned before, Dermalogica Active Moist is an oil-free product but that doesn’t mean it lacks any potency. Silk amino acids are where the skin-smoothing powers come from whilst natural astringents lemon, ivy, watercress and burdock refine the skin and clear away dirt and bacteria. Finally, extracts of lavender, mallow and cucumber are included to soothe the skin and reduce any areas of irritation or redness.

So, What Do Our Customers Think?

“This is an excellent moisturiser for combination or oily skins. I’ve found that within a couple of days of use it has tightened my pores while hydrating my skin. It’s especially good for summer as it’s light and also works very well under make-up. Highly recommended.”

“Truly brilliant product. I have part oily skin and has taken me years to find the right product and not only is Dermalogica unique and great this moisturiser has just the right balance. Great on its own or under make up and great value for money.”

“I have used the same moisturiser for years, but (to my horror) it has recently been discontinued, forcing me to seek a replacement. As a fan of other Dermalogica products, I decided to give this a try and have not been disappointed. It is easily absorbed, light and visibly tightens pores. Most remarkably though it acts as a fantastic base for my make-up. Many thanks to Pure Beauty for their usual speedy shipping, and Dermalogica; Please don’t discontinue!”

“I can’t rate this moisturiser highly enough. It’s easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it smooth and refreshed looking. After one week’s usage I have noticed a marked difference in my skin both in terms of visible oil production, appearance and texture (even under make up).”

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