Spring Clean Yourself

Spring CleanIt’s that time of year when the hibernation of winter comes to an end and we clear away all of winter’s accumulated clutter. But why do we only spring clean our houses when we could be spring cleaning ourselves?! Giving ourselves an overhaul for the onset of the nicer weather is a great idea and we’ve got plenty of suggestions to help you get started.


Exfoliating your body is the beauty equivalent of giving everything a thoroughly good dusting before you use beeswax – you need to get rid of the unwanted dry layer before replacing the moisture. Using a product like Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub for your body or Decleor Phytopeel Exfoliating Cream for your face to buff away the top layer of dead cells will reveal the newer, more radiant skin beneath and will leave the skin more receptive to moisturiser.


Along with cleaning old furniture, things often need minor repairs to get back to its former glory and the same can be said for your skin. Adding back lost moisture is essential, so opt for Decleor Nourishing Body Milk if you have dry skin, or Decleor Moisturising Body Milk if you have normal skin.


Now that the weather is getting sunny again, you’ll want to protect your furniture and pictures by keeping them out of direct sunlight. Same goes for your skin – even mild sunshine on cooler days can accelerate the aging process and leave you with hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Using Decleor Protective Anti-Wrinkle Cream SPF30 Face can help you to avoid the nasty effectes from UVA and UVB rays, and following it with Decleor High Repair After Sun Balm for the Face after exposure will give you maximum restorative power.

Tidy Away

The best part of spring cleaning is decluttering your rooms and finding places to hide things away. We’re not sure that it’s entirely possible to tidy your body, but you can still attack areas of unwanted build-up by working on your cellulite! Decleor Slim Effect Draining Massage Balm is a preparation which targets areas of cellulite and helps to reduce the appearance of dimples as well as smoothing and slimming the area.

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