Shave the Professional Way with Dermalogica

ID-100149337Facial hair grows, on average, around one-third to half of a millimetre everyday and for a clean shave the most effective approach is to keep the blades flat against, but not pressing into your skin, so the razor can work effectively. Using a light touch and good quality products will not only allow you to achieve a close shave but also keep your skin in great condition and this is where Dermalogica can help.

‘Shave’ is a 3-step system complete regimen from this iconic brand that promises to deliver the closest shave possible and your healthiest skin ever.

To get started go with the soap-free Dermalogica Clean Bar with a lather that helps aid really clean, healthy skin. It’s ideal for use before shaving because it helps remove bacteria, impurities and surface oils that could block the razor and lead to an uneven shave or get trapped within the follicle, which leads to irritation and infection.

With a clean based to start with, next shake a few drops of Dermalogica Close Shave Oil into wet palms and smooth over the dampened area to be shaved. Shave, rinsing razor often and rinse shaved area if desired. This clever oil offers an instant cushion between the skin and razor helping to achieve the ultimate close shave and encouraging the razor to glide over the skin. This goodness packed product is perfect no only for full shaves but also for those who have a goatee, moustache or sideburns.

If you prefer a more traditional shave then go for the Dermalogica Soothing Shave Cream, which offers a super-close shave that won’t leave skin feeling sore or dry. This is an ultra calming cream that reinforces the skin’s natural protective barrier and Vitamin E and Elderberry flower help defend against skin ageing free radicals. Menthol calms and soothes the skin before shaving and anti-bacterial plant extracts help eliminate acne-causing breakouts. Overall this product is gentle but effective and leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Following any shave apply Dermalogica Post Shave Balm, which is so much more than an after-shave. If there is any discomfort or redness brought on by shaving this super cooling treatment balm will get that under control and actually helps shortens shaving recovery time. There is no heavy, shiny residue, simply great looking skin that feels fantastic.

If you want to go one step further add the Dermalogica Daily Defence Block. This non-greasy, fast-absorbing multi-tasking daytime lotion helps condition and promote skin recovery. It contains a potent antioxidant mix of Wheat Germ and Grape Seed extracts plus Vitamin E that help defend against skin ageing free radicals whilst combating irritation associated with shaving. Flower extracts stimulate natural exfoliation to help prevent ingrown hairs and relieve follicle congestion, which is an added bonus. Using this product daily not only means healthy, great-looking skin but also helps beats dryness and leaves your face shine-free.

The only thing you need to choose now is a good quality razor and shaving mirror.

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