Getting Your Feet Ready for Summer

feetFeet are an area which are often neglected over the course of the cold winter months. We tend to shove our tootsies into thick socks and boots, and keeping them in presentable order is the furthest thing from our minds when it’s cold and wet outside. However, by the time summer comes around our feet rarely look our best, with areas of hard skin and cracked heels to deal with before we can don the sandals.

We thought we’d put together some tips for getting your feet back into beautiful condition so that you can be proud to bare all in the warmer weather.


Before you even attempt to remove hard skin, you should give your feet a good soak. You could combine this with soaking in a nice hot bath with some Decleor De Bain Bath Oil which will soothe and replenish dry skin, getting some much needed moisture back into neglected heels. There are also some other home remedies which are popular at the moment, such as soaking your feet in one cup of white vinegar, one cup of Listerine and two cups of warm water, although we can’t attest to the effectiveness of this one!


Investing in a good quality pumice stone or foot file is essential for keeping feet looking good. If you spend a lot of time on your feet for your job, hard skin is inevitable and regularly filing the areas can help to reduce the build-up of unsightly callouses and corns.


Once you’ve dealt with the nasty job of getting rid of hard skin, you’ll want to nourish the newer skin underneath with a really rich foot cream. Decleor Moisturising Body Milk is a light moisturiser which provides excellent rehydration and repair to dehydrated skin and is particularly good for the feet, as well as knees, elbows and other areas which suffer with dryness.


A good home pedicure is about more than just removing hard skin. Once you’ve dealt with your heels, your toes will need some attention too. As you would with your hands, remove untidy cuticles, trim and file your nails and finish toes with a layer of polish in a neutral colour, or something more summery if you dare!

Treat Them Nicely!

The key to keeping your feet looking good for longer is to make treating them nicely a part of your beauty regime. As well as the steps above, ensuring that you wear well-fitting shoes will improve your foot health. We also recommend slathering your feet in an intensive moisturiser, or even pure coconut oil, once a week before bed and wearing a pair of cotton socks while you sleep to really give your tired feet a treat.

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