Simple Food Tips to Boost Health and Energy

If you are feeling low on energy and bounce, the quick fix is often to try and boost our body with some health essentials straight from a bottle. The raft of supplements on the shelf of the supermarket remind us to make sure we keep our vitamin and mineral intake up but this quick fix can stop us from remembering that we can fulfill most of those needs and a wealth of other physical requirements, by making sure we eat well and replace our nutrients naturally. Unless we are vegetarian, most food groups contain some of the vitamins we need and paying just a little extra attention to our diet and lifestyle can have huge benefits for our body.

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Quick Ways to Boost Basic Vitamin Intake:-

  • Vitamin A is available from dairy, eggs, oily fish and dark leafy greens and is richly available in liver. It is possible to have too much Vitamin A and caution must be exercised during pregnancy. Vitamin A supports a healthy immune system, skin and vision.
  • Vitamin B is an overall term for a group of vitamins with widely different sources and uses within your body. Folic Acid, vital during pregnancy, is one of them, B6 helps us to use energy in food and is important for our blood, while B12 is important for our nervous system. The latter is predominantly found in meat, fish and dairy products but many breads and cereals are fortified with these B vitamins to ensure our ordinary diet is sufficiently filled with these essentials.
  • Vitamin C is found in fruits such as oranges and strawberries but can also be found in even the much maligned Brussel Sprout. We need to eat Vitamin C everyday as our body cannot store it and it is vital for allowing our cells to stay healthy and repair themselves. Vitamin C is widely believed to help shorten the effects of colds and flu.
  • Vitamin D is mostly made in the body and our skin requires sunlight to manufacture it. 15 minutes a day of uncovered face and forearms is enough for our body to keep topped up with this key vitamin which is also found in a few foods such as eggs and oily fish. It is important for healthy teeth and bones. Make sure you follow safe skin procedures when getting your daily dose of sunlight!
  • Vitamin E is great for healthy skin, eyes and the immune system and is found in nuts and seeds. The good news is your body stores additional vitamin E for when you need it.

Diet and lifestyle are undoubtedly the best ways to keep your body fit for life and full of the best building blocks for health. Take care to do proper research before supplementing any vitamins since it is possible to overdose on most of them and do harm rather than good to your body.

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