Easy lifestyle changes to keep your skin looking great

It’s a sad fact that nothing can hold back the passage of time and nowhere is this more evident than on our skin. As we get older, our faces begin to show the effects of a lifetime of expressions, stress, laughter, sun and exposure to the elements as well as the normal process of change as our bodies mature. It can be upsetting to see these changes taking place, particularly as you reach an age where you are more confident and comfortable in your own skin – the last thing you want is for it to suddenly start behaving differently!

Taking good care of our skin can help to reduce the effect of premature ageing on our faces. Having a good skincare regime that focuses on using products that rebuild and revitalise cells will help keep you looking your best. Pay particular attention to cleansing with a product tailored to cell renewal such as the Dermalogica Skin Resurfacing Cleanser, which protects the skin alongside cleaning debris away with a gentle exfoliation. Support the delicate and easily damaged areas of the face around the eyes and mouth with Dermalogica Power Firm, an infusion of vitamins that promotes cell to cell joining, supports elasticity in the skin and helps prevent fine lines by building moisture into the skin surface.

Lady applying cream

Although we can only support our skin enough to slow down the natural aging process, there are other things that will significantly improve how well it copes with growing older. As well as using skin products that help keep your youthful looks, follow the tips below to support a healthy complexion and keep looking great.

  • Smoking devastates skin cells, encourages lines and dulls the natural glow of facial skin. If you smoke, stop.
  • Make sure you exercise regularly; raising your pulse boosts circulation, getting more oxygen to the parts of you that need it to look good.
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Too much sugar may harm skin but eating a healthy, well balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables that are full of vitamins is great for skin cells.
  • Sun damage is dangerous and damaging and protection from UV rays is essential. Don’t take the risk of burning.; not only will it cause skin to age more quickly but it can be a killer. A spray tan is a safer bet.
  • Squinting into the sun while driving will exacerbate fine lines; try to avoid wrinkle making expressions and wear sunglasses when you are out. No one likes squint lines!

Making these simple changes to your lifestyle will support skin cells to do their job and keep you looking wonderful, plus they’ll benefit your whole body too. Even if your skin has already begun to show signs of ageing that bother you, it is never too late to put the effort in that will help it stay looking younger for longer.

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