The secret to perfect eye make up

Not since the 80’s has eye makeup seemed so vibrant, colourful and exotic; there is so much time devoted to it in beauty magazines and the many online photo sharing websites that allow people to display their handiwork or collect ideas. Pinterest is packed with boards full of ways to do everything from understated eye makeup to dramatic and glamorous artwork full of colour, shape and style. Instagram allows people to share their daily look and many a selfie from the beauty bloggers features a new and daring way to show off the windows into our souls in all their outer glory.

It’s a blessing to have so many tutorials online since the world seems to be divided into women who instinctively know how to make eye makeup look wonderful and those of us who wonder if we somehow failed to get pulled aside for lesson on this element of womanhood. Now that the internet is full of beauty blogs and YouTube is crammed full of how to videos, there is nothing to stop any of us finding the eye makeup style that perfectly suits our face, temperament or indeed time constraints.


An important part of any eye makeup routine is to make sure you take care of the skin around the area. Build up and protect the eye skin with a specially formulated Eye Care Cream that will replenish the skin and keep it moisturised and protected from sun damage. Makeup will stay in place longer if skin has been well nourished and is in good condition so combine the above with an Eye Makeup Remover that ensures the skin stays clean and does not become irritated.

5 Essentials for your Eye Makeup Kit:-

  • A colour palette of your preferred eyeshadow colours.
  • A liquid or eye liner.
  • Good multipurpose mascara.
  • Brow palette to shape & define eyebrows.
  • Tweezers and eyelash curlers.

With the basics in place, it is time to start experimenting. Make sure you understand the geography of your eye and terms that relate to each area so you can follow tutorials easily and then take a look at Pinterest to find the latest styles and ideas for colours and shapes. Pick something that suits your confidence and face and get practicing! This eye makeup tutorial is great for starting off simply and making sure you have the right brushes to make the application easy and look good. Once you get the hang of the basics, there is no end to the creative possibilities.

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