Don’t leave make up on overnight

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Makeup Remover

The likelihood is that the majority of people who wear make-up will have gone to bed with it on at some point and although it’s bad for your skin it happens and to a certain extent it’s inevitable. Whether you forget that you even had it on or you’re so tired you can’t be bothered to take it off – these are the most popular reasons for leaving make-up on overnight – and it happens and your skin will deal with it as long as it doesn’t become a regular occurrence.

It’s important to make sure it doesn’t become a regular thing too because although make-up will help you feel better about your appearance during the day at the moment, it will start to have the opposite effect if you don’t give your skin the time it needs to recover overnight.

In order to allow your skin the down time it needs to be able to refresh and rejuvenate ready for the day ahead it’s essential to invest in a good make-up remover and treat your skin to a strict skin care regimen every evening. Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make Up Remover is a great product that will remove every last trace of your eye make up, including stubborn waterproof mascara and will prevent irritation so it’s definitely worth treating your skin.

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