The dangers of free radicals

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Free radicals are often mentioned in beauty and skin care articles but they’re very rarely discussed which means that although people are aware of the fact that they’re negative, people don’t really know why.

Free radicals are responsible for a huge number of negative effects on our skin causing tissue damage, aging and even more sinisterly, cancer.

Free radicals are molecules that have lost and electron somewhere throughout their life and losing this electron causes them to become unstable. Their instability causes them to target other molecules in order to try and steal their electrons to try and gain stability. It’s this action of stealing electrons that should be avoided at all costs because although stealing from some molecules won’t cause too much damage, stealing from others – for example DNA molecules – can cause significant damage and dysfunction leading to awful diseases such as cancer.

Although there’s no ways that free radicals can be completely eliminated there are plenty of ways that you can reduce their numbers. For example, many of Dermalogica’s skin care products contain essential vitamins and antioxidants that help to keep free radicals at bay. Although the antioxidants that these products contain don’t actually prevent free radicals they do prevent a snowball effect by creating a barrier, preventing free reign through the body which could cause all kinds of damage.

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