Ensure your skin survives the festival season

Festival camping So, spring is here and festival season is almost upon us. Naturally, you want to look your best when you’re standing in front of some of your favourite bands this summer, but all routines generally go out of the window at festivals which means it becomes easier than ever to look your very worst. In order to ensure you look great, even when you’ve had no sleep, no decent food and have drank your own body weight in alcohol, it’s really important to start preparing early to give your skin the nurturing it requires.


Although sun protection should be worn every day – even in winter – it’s advice that the majority of people ignore. If you want your skin to look bright and healthy during the festival season then wearing sunscreen every time you go outside is essential, even if you’re only going to the shop.

Understandably, people ignore sun protection advice because it’s not convenient and adds even more time to any routine. However, if you purchase a booster and add it to your usual moisturiser, you’ll be protecting your skin without having to think about it at all.

Glowing appearance

Everyone loves a summer glow but the truth is, it just isn’t safe. Lying in the sun waiting for a tan to develop naturally exposes your skin to all manner of harmful rays. It is possible to get a great summer glow at home though. There are plenty of fake tanning products out there that won’t leave your skin orange and streaky and will instead leave you will a natural looking, golden glow. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, there are plenty of salons that pride themselves on the quality of their tanning booths.


Lips are always forgotten, but quite often they’re the first things to burn in the summer sun. Because the skin on your lips is so thin and delicate it’s easily damaged which leads to blisters and unsightly scabs. The only way to prevent this from happening is to remember to protect them from the sun. You should look for lip care with climate control or sun protection factor (SPF) as this will act in the same way sun cream does on your skin. You should also consider ditching the lip gloss and instead opt for a balm as they help to hydrate your lips when the sun is fighting to dry them out.


Drinking plenty of water is essential before and during the festival season. Although you can’t take all of your home comforts with you, water and fresh fruit is something that can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet to boost the nutrients in your skin before the festival season and can also be carried with you while you’re there.

Natural you

To keep your skin looking bright and fresh consider lighter clothing, which will keep you cool in the sun. Also think about reducing the amount of make-up you apply. If you’re not comfortable going bare faced then try one of the BB creams that are taking the cosmetics market by storm at the moment. BB creams are essentially a balm which moisturise, even skin tone and cover-up as well as brightening your skin tone. These are great products to have at a festival when the aim is to travel light.

It’s all well and good getting your skin into great condition prior to a festival by following a strict skin care regime, but you’re unlikely to follow this while you’re there in which case you’re likely to come back with skin that’s less than desirable. In order to avoid all of your hard work going to waste it’s important to pack a few key things with you:

  • Make-up wipes – remove make-up in the evening and freshen your face when  it needs it
  • Moisturiser – keep your skin baby soft with a travel sized bottle of your favourite products
  • BB cream – forget your make-up and keep this as your trust companion
  • Lip balm – preferably with sun protection
  • Sun screen
  • Water – plenty of water is essential so take handy sized bottles with you along with plenty of fruit

Stick to all of this and your skin will look perfect for the festival and after a quick wash to remove all of the mud on your return, it’ll look perfect afterwards too.

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