Beautiful Hairstyles for Spring

Wavy hairNow that the weather’s improving people are starting to loosen up and experiment with their fashions, particularly their hair. Here are a few of the best hairstyles of the season that you might want to try for a look that’s a little different.

Killer shine

This is the look that’s so shiny it’s almost wet, but it’s NEVER greasy. For people with long hair try a shine enhancing shampoo like Dermalogica’s Shine Therapy and then add oil or a shine spray that will reflect the light amazingly. Slick back your roots and style your hair into a low ponytail, alternatively leave the lengths of your hair loose once you’ve pulled back your roots. For short hair styles, slicking back all of the hair looks great and will bring a catwalk finish to any outfit.

Messy plaits

Plaits aren’t just intended for girls at primary school, if done properly they can create a really sophisticated and stylish look. Plaits have been hugely popular for the last couple of years and they don’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Regardless of whether you prefer your hair to be super shiny or matte and textured, really doesn’t matter this season because, as long as they’re messy, plaits are in whatever your style.


You don’t have to be a professional athlete to nail the sports chic look. Tight, low ponytails accompanied with a stretchy headband have been seen all over the catwalk this season. Colourful visors have also been stealing the show and this year they’re considered a style trend that’s rather more chic than geek.

Extreme side partings

Soft side partings have been on trend for ages but this year, the side parting has received a bit of a make-over and the 1930s male-inspired comb-over has become stylish and sexy. Although traditionally the comb-over was a slick look, there’s no need to count yourself out of this style. Rather than using a brush to style your locks use your fingers and possibly some texturizing spray to part it as this will help establish a messy but equally stylish look.

Bed hair

There’s never been anything wrong with hair that’s a little bit messy, which is why it’s a staple trend almost every season. Just because you’re trying to create a slept-in look doesn’t mean that you can roll out of bed and not have to worry though – there’s still a little bit of effort to be put in. The effect of bed hair has varied between catwalk shows this season; some have gone for soft, sleepy waves whereas others have gone for really rough, big waves. The look you want is completely up to you, just remember it’s got to look good while at the same time looking like you haven’t touched a single hair on your head.


For those that like the cute, girly summer look, this is a style for you. Whether it’s large bows, butterflies or flowers on clips, or ribbons in your braids it’s all in this season and it’s really easy to incorporate any of these accessories to your look. Whether you opt for an up-do, or long flowing waves, we all know that clip-in accessories always look great.


Think back to the tight curls of the seventies and you’re on the way to achieving the look. Add an air of the 21st century with a low side parting. Pin your hair for a while as it dries to add effortless texture and beauty.


Waves really are easy. Wet-look, clean, glossy or a little bit messy, waves work. So, whatever your preference you’re guaranteed to find at least one look that you like this spring time.

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