A Guide To Shaving Properly

ShavingYou might think shaving is easy and that, after years of doing it, you’re a pro. But when you’re still walking around the house with a bloody tissue stuck to your face, five minutes before you’re due to set off for work, you’re certainly not an expert. If you’re the 18-34 year old who’s walking around with a red face, bumps and a rash after shaving then you could probably do with some help – don’t worry though, you’re certainly not the only one.

If you want to become an expert at shaving, so there’s no danger of slitting your throat in the process and you’re able to walk out of your house straight after then follow these simple hints and tips to ensure a successful, smooth shave without any complications.


Skin preparation is the most important and, ironically, the most often ignored element of the shaving process. If you want your skin to remain clear and smooth after shaving then preparation is essential and only takes a few minutes.

A quality shaving cream is key if your skin’s going to look good after a shave. Try Dermalogica’s Pre Shave Guard followed by their Soothing Shave Cream as they work together to cleanse and soften the skin while also opening your pores to make shaving much easier. It’s always a good idea to shave after a hot shower as the water will have softened your skin considerably. This also helps to open your pores which will prevent a razor tugging on hairs and therefore decrease the chance of irritation.

If you want to achieve a really good shave then a shaving brush is an essential accessory which will help to lift hairs, exfoliate the skin and transform the cream into a lather which makes every stroke with a razor perfectly smooth.


After lack of lubrication, the next most common cause of razor burn – and therefore rashes – is a blunt blade. Proper preparation will address the lack of lubrication, but when it comes to a blade there are a few things you should look for. Obviously it’s imperative that your chosen razor is sharp if you’re going to achieve the close, comfortable shave that you’ve been trying to perfect for so many years. Rather than a single bladed razor, opt for a three blade or more. As this will allow an extra close shave that will leave your skin feeling remarkably soft rather than stubbly and sore.

When shaving make sure you hold the area of skin that you’re shaving taut so that the razor glides gently over the skin without pulling harshly on the facial hair. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure as you’re likely to cause yourself an injury and make sure you shave in the direction that the hairs grow naturally.

Remember to rinse your razor as you shave to ensure you get the same level of shave throughout. If, once you’ve finished, you decide you’d like a closer shave then reapply your shaving cream and shave gently against the grain.

Repair and Protect

Closing your pores after shaving is just as important as opening them beforehand. Just rinse your face with cool water and then pat it dry with a soft towel. Once your face is dry, apply an aftershave balm and then a moisturiser. When choosing products for your skin try to avoid those that contain alcohol, as this will cause it to become dry and dehydrated. An aftershave balm that suits your skin type will help it to heal much quicker and a moisturiser will restore the essential moisture that’s been lost during the shaving process.

There really isn’t any magic involved in the shaving and by following these simple steps you’ll see how easy it really is.

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