Great Mothers’ Day Skin Care Gifts

Mothers' Day flowers Mums do one of the most important and hardest jobs in the world, if you’re a parent yourself then you’re on the way to understanding just how much is involved in becoming a mother. Cooking, cleaning, sleepless nights, nurse and teacher are just a few of the roles that a mum has to undertake over the years. However all of this is rewarded with unconditional love every day and a single day of pampering every year. This year, Mothers’ Day falls on Sunday 30th March so rather than panicking on the day, because you haven’t bought her a gift, and settling for flowers from the petrol station, why not be prepared and splurge a little on a gift that will pamper her this Mothers’ Day? Let’s face it, she’ll rarely spend money on pampering herself so it’s something she’ll definitely appreciate.

Check out these fabulous gifts that will pamper your mum from head to toe and make her realise just how special she is.


You use your hands much more than you’re likely to realise until, that is, you become embarrassed by their condition. Hands become dry and flaky because they are constantly ignored when going through our skin care rituals, despite being relied upon for all manner of daily tasks. Your mum’s hands have certainly had to put up with a lot over the years so why not give her the products she needs to pamper them?

Finding the right hand cream is never easy because there are just so many available but ideally the right cream should be thick and rich and make your hands feel as though they’re being fed with nourishment from the moment you apply it. If you’re not sure where to start then take a look at the top ten hand creams according to The Independent.


Your hands are constantly on show and the harder you work them, the more tired they look. So, imagine, after years of hard work, how your mum’s hands would look without any pampering. Almost every girl loves having her nails transformed into a stunning piece of art or covered in colour that will dazzle anyone that sees them. Women generally get stuck in a rut when it comes to nail polish though and use the same colours for years on end. Why not treat your mum to a new set of nail polish including some of the season’s top colours?


We’re all aware of how important a good moisturiser is, but with so many on the market choosing one is certainly not easy. Because our mums are constantly thinking about others they will very rarely splurge on a luxury like a fancy moisturiser so it could be the perfect gift from you this Mothers’ Day. Here are ten of the best on the market at the moment.

All over body care

Concentrating on certain skin areas and products is great but there’s really nothing better than all over relaxation with some of the best products on the market. There are loads of brands out there that offer skin care hampers and sets so that you can treat your whole body to an evening of relaxation now and again, but Dermalogica is definitely one of the best. Regardless of her skin type Dermalogica will have a skin kit that your mum will love. If you’re unsure about skin care but agree that she deserves some pampering after years of hard work then consider the Body Therapy Kit which includes a body wash, body scrub, hydrating cream, mineral salts and a lip treatment so she really can spend some time relaxing for a change.

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