Why a 20 second cleansing routine is not good enough for your skin

Dermalogica PrecleanseRecent research results published by The International Dermal Institute shows that the majority of women spend just twenty seconds cleansing their face… When you consider how long it takes for most of us to get ready in the morning, it seems astonishing that we spend less than half a minute on purifying our skin.

And yet, our complexions have never needed effective cleansing more than now. We live in a time of high environmental pollution and water-proof, long-lasting make-up which can make our skin pay a heavy price: a dull complexion, enlarged and congested pores, blemishes and irritated skin…

Rather than using multiple make-up products to cover up the damage done to your skin, it would be a better idea to take a good look at your skin care regimen and make sure that you are cleansing your skin effectively.

The importance of the ‘double-cleanse’ is widely accepted amongst skincare professionals; adding this simple step to your routine could transform the way that your complexion looks and feels:

• The first step is intended to emulsify the layer of sebum, make-up, pollutants and skin cells that are stuck to the surface. It is important to use an oil-based cleanser for this first step (Precleanse) and to gently massage it into the skin in order to loosen oily debris and blackheads.

• Once you have removed the Precleanse, follow with a cleanser that has been developed for your skin type. Take the time to compare Dermalogica products to make sure you choose the most appropriate product.

Cleansing does not need to take half an hour, but it does need to take more than half a minute if it is to be effective. Give it a go – your skin will reward you with a glowing, healthy complexion!

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