Giving spot-prone skin a Clean Start

For those who suffer from spots during their teenage years, the state of their skin can be a real source of distress. Unfortunately, many products aimed at spot-prone teenage skin are simply too harsh, and strip the skin of their natural oils. This can leave the skin fragile and vulnerable to further irritation as well as actually stimulating sebum production!

It is essential for those suffering from spots to implement a gentle and effective skin regime. The Dermalogica Clean Start range of skincare products has been formulated to remove bacteria and impurities without stripping the skin and drying it out. It offers a complete regimen from the cleanser to a lotion designed to control breakouts and keep the skin matte, and allows teenagers to tackle their skin problems without risking damage.

It may be difficult to remember to be kind to spot-prone skin, but it most certainly pays off. If you suffer from spots, make sure you always wash your hands thoroughly before applying products or touching your face. Avoid the temptation to squeeze or pick spots: you could quite easily cause the pore to rupture and force infected tissue deeper into the skin, thus increasing your chances of scarring.

Gentle and appropriate products combined with the above precautions will help your skin to fight the breakouts and rediscover your confidence!

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