Fighting the first signs of ageing

Unfortunately for our skin, the ageing process begins to make itself felt soon after we hit our thirties… As it begins to lose elasticity and volume, the skin can lose its youthful plumpness and fine lines can start appearing.

These first signs of ageing are often seen around the eyes. The skin here is thinner than elsewhere on the face, making it much more vulnerable to damage from sunlight, pollution and harsh cosmetics. Sleep deprivation, diet, alcohol and tobacco can also cause the delicate skin to droop, swell or take on the darker hue indicative of unhappy skin.

Paying attention to your general health will have a positive impact on your appearance and the state of your skin, while some skincare products can help to protect your skin and delay those signs of ageing.

Always make sure you protect the skin around your eyes by wearing a hat or sunglasses in strong sunlight, and make sure that you start to use a good quality eye cream once you reach your thirties. Your eye cream should be designed to repair the damage caused to the eye area while also protecting it from further damage.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care does just this: a combination of AHA and plant extracts makes skin smoother and firmer, reducing puffiness and fine lines; light diffusers reduce the appearance of dark circles, reducing the need for concealers; and with an SPF of 15; the skin has added protection from the sun’s damaging rays.

Many people swear by this effective but gentle eye care product which is perfect for fighting those first signs of ageing. In the next article, we will take a look at the Dermalogica products that can help to tackle more pronounced signs of ageing around the eyes.

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