Winter sun protection is a must

The fact that the sun very rarely makes an appearance can lull some people into a very false sense of security when it comes to protecting skin against the sun’s harmful rays.

When the sun is shining brightly and strongly, protecting the skin from the sun is at the very top of most people’s priorities, after all, nobody wants to find themselves succumbing to sun burn- not only because it doesn’t look the most attractive, but also because it can be incredibly dangerous.

The skin isn’t just susceptible from suffering at the hands of the sun’s rays when the sun decides to make an appearance though, and even of the darkest of winter’s days it can have a really negative impact.

Although you might not be very likely to suffer with sunburn when the sun is well hidden, permanent damage, premature skin aging and health implications are still all very real.

There are many great skin care products out there which are quick and effective to use- take a look at the fantastic Dermalogica Solar Defence System range, there’s plenty for protecting your skin.

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