Choose a Dermalogica moisturiser

Every single person needs to ensure that they’re moisturising the skin morning and night, although any old moisturiser won’t do here, and it’s vital to use a moisturiser which is suited to the type of skin which it’s being applied to.

The skin care market is bursting to breaking point with moisturisers these days, so falling into the trap of investing in and using the wrong type of moisturiser can be a trap which is all too easy to fall into.

Whatever your skin type, it’s essential that you use a good quality moisturiser- a low quality moisturiser won’t do skin any favours at all. When it comes to good quality moisturisers, they don’t come much better quality than Dermalogica moisturisers.

The superb thing about the Dermalogica range of moisturisers is that it’s anything but limited, and as well as offering products to suit different skin types, there are also products to tackle different skin issues.

So, whether your skin tends to get very oily, is prone to blemishes or suffers with dryness, Dermalogica will have at least one moisturiser for you.

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