Check that you’re doing your skin justice

Every single individual out there needs to make sure that they’re doing their skin justice and following a good skin care regime, as a little neglect now could lead to big regrets later.

Many years ago, looking after the skin in order to ensure that it looked its best may have had to involve an absolute age in front of the mirror, applying product after product. This isn’t the case any more though, as most basic skin care products couldn’t be any quicker or easier to use.

There are a few skin care basics which practically everyone should follow- here are a few things which it’s well worth thinking about if you want to check that you’re doing your skin justice…

– Are you cleansing, toning and moisturising?
– Are you cleansing, toning and moisturising twice a day?
– Are you aware of your skin type?
– Have you checked that the products which you’re using are suitable for your skin type?
– Does your skin need any extra help (i.e. with banishing excess oil, dryness or break outs)?

These are just a small handful of things which you should think about, and you can also check that you’re doing your skin justice by checking that you’re using Dermalogica Skincare products.

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