Choosing a cleanser which ticks every box

Cleansing is, without a doubt, one of the most important parts of any skin care regime, as without proper cleansing, you could find yourself facing very blocked pores and regular break outs.

It isn’t just the teenage population which needs to ensure that skin is kept as clean as possible, as even those who left their teenage years behind a very long time ago need to make sure that skin is being treated to proper cleansing morning and night.

There are now more cleansers on the market than ever, and whilst this might initially make it look as though choosing the right product will be very difficult, by considering a few things it needn’t be at all.

When it comes to choosing a cleanser which ticks every box, it’s really important to keep your skin type in mind. Choosing or using a cleanser which hasn’t been designed for use on your skin type could leave it feeling very dry and tight, overly oily or more prone to blemishes. So choose wisely.

Cleansers come in different formulations too- from gels to scrubs- so think about your preference here too.

Whatever your needs may be, you can choose a product which ticks every box by choosing a Dermalogica Cleanser.

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