The importance of rehydrating skin after every bath

In this cold weather, there are few better ways to warm yourself up than with a nice warm bath. When it is so cold though, and when you also just want to really unwind, it can be so tempting to just lie in the bath for hours.

As pleasant as they are though, lying in the bath for an eternity can really dehydrate the skin- especially if you like your bubble baths nice and hot!

If you’re not prepared to completely swap your nice hot baths for quick showers though, what you do need to do is make sure that you replace lost moisture each and every time you finish towelling off.

Using an intensely rehydrating body moisturiser is an absolute must- failing to use one could quickly leave your skin seriously dry.

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream is an after bath time essential, as it soaks quickly and seamlessly into the skin- immediately making skin a lot more supple.

Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream can restore moisture to even the driest of skin after bath time- so everyone gets to enjoy baby soft skin after a lengthy soak.

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