Excess oil isn’t impossible to control

Excessively oily skin is an incredibly common skin type, and men and women of many different ages find themselves having to battle excess oil on a daily basis.

Although it can be an absolute pain to deal with, minimising excess oil on the skin definitely isn’t out of anyone’s control, especially with skin care products being as effective and varied as they are these days.

Getting a grip of excess oil is largely down to using the right skin care products. If you’re using products which have been designed for a completely different skin type, you’re unlikely to be able to successfully gain control over the condition.

Instead, you need to invest in top quality oil-free skin care products (i.e. your cleanser, toner and moisturiser) as well as products which have been specifically formulated to control oil.

Dermalogica not only has a terrific choice of cleansers, toners and moisturisers which can help with oil production and oil control, but also a great Oil Control Lotion.

The Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion will work in conjunction with your other skin care products, and will work to control oil all day long.

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