Don’t wait to rehydrate

Leaving seriously dry and dehydrated skin to suffer could quickly make it even worse- and the longer you leave skins to its own devices, the longer it could take for you to restore the state of skin.

When skin isn’t looked after properly, dryness can speedily make itself known, and if your skin is already prone to dryness, you could find yourself faced with skin which is about as parched as it’s ever going to get.

When skin is incredibly dry, it can also start to look far older than its years- which is another reason why you need to act swiftly to get skin back to its best.

An ultra rich hydrating moisturiser is a must for restoring skin back to its former hydrated, supple and smooth glory, so why not give Dermalogica Super Rich Repair a try?

Dermalogica Super Rich Repair moisturiser is a heavyweight in helping skin to fight its way back to health, and there’s no waiting around with this product, as it gets to work right away.

The Super Rich Repair Cream is the ultimate multi-tasker, as in addition to hydrating skin, it also helps to reduce the look of fine lines, improve elasticity and reinforce the natural defensive barrier of the skin.

Don’t wait to rehydrate- invest in this product without delay.

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