Soap shouldn’t feature

Just because every chemists, supermarket and beauty store you step in to is filled with shelf after shelf of soap doesn’t mean that you have to give in and use it!

Think back to your childhood, and there’s a good chance that you’ll remember a parent bathing you or washing your face in soap at some point. You certainly don’t need to carry the tradition on though, and now that you’re an adult you really should know better!

Soap is generally there to smell nice and provide skin with a surface cleanse, although with most soaps, this is where the ‘benefits’ end.

Soap can be unbelievably drying and it’s also highly unlikely to provide skin with the thorough cleanse it needs- so you need to try and restrict its use to washing your hands in public loos- basically, when you’ve got no other option!

Keep soap away from your face, and instead invest in a face cleanser which has been specifically designed for the job.

The same goes for when you’re washing your body in the bath- use a proper body wash.

Dermalogica has everything you need to be able to cleanse your skin properly, so there’s no reason at all why soap should feature.

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