The consequences of using the wrong cleanser

Cleansing twice daily is absolutely essential for every individual, with cleansing usually being the first part of a skin care regime.

New cleansers are always appearing, so there’s something to suit every skin type. The problem is that it can often be very difficult to sift through all of your cleanser options, and this difficulty could lead to the wrong type of cleanser being used.

Using the wrong type of cleanser for your skin type can have incredibly negative effects on the skin though, and therefore needs to be avoided at all costs.

Some of the consequences of using the wrong type of cleanser include:
Inefficient cleansing- this could lead to pores becoming blocked and breakouts appearing.

Parched skin- using a cleanser which is too harsh for the skin could strip it of essential oils, and this could quickly leave it looking and feeling dry.

Shiny skin- using the wrong type of cleanser on oily or combination skin could lead to an excessively shiny look.

The Dermalogica range of cleansers has many great products for all skin types though, so you can give these negative consequences the swerve.

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