Shift your stubborn eye makeup

Over recent years, eye makeup has become more and more long lasting, and for those who begrudge having to apply products throughout the course of the day, these products are something of a Godsend.

When you spend your weekdays hard at work, the last thing which you’ll want to get in the way of your job is frequent trips to the ladies to top up your eyeliner, although as many modern cosmetics now offer such fantastic longevity, you won’t have to.

The only downside of wearing budge-proof eye makeup is that, when you come to remove it at the end of the day, you could come up against resistance. Such resistance could see you scrubbing away with the cleanser in a bid to swiftly remove it, although this should be avoided as it can be really damaging to the delicate skin around the eye area.

Instead you should invest in a good eye makeup remover which can do the job properly yet gently- like Dermalogica Soothing Eye Makeup Remover.

Dermalogica Soothing Eye Makeup Remover soothes and conditions the skin whilst removing all of that mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow, so you can enjoy all of the positives of long lasting eye makeup without any of the negatives.

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