Clean skin shouldn’t equal dry skin

Thoroughly cleansing the skin is incredibly important, as failing to do so is likely to quickly leave skin in poor condition.

Although the vast majority of people do understand just how important it is to cleanse skin thoroughly twice a day, problems often arise when the wrong product is used.

Many people believe that, in order for skin to be cleansed properly, a very strong cleanser needs to be used. Those who believe this could find themselves faced with very dry skin though, and this isn’t a sacrifice which should have to be made.

Although the very few people out there who have very resilient skin may find that using an overly harsh cleanser may not have a negative impact, for the majority, using an unsuitable cleanser could leave it very dry and parched.

There are numerous different types of cleansers out there to suit different skin types at the moment though, which can gently cleanse skin without completely drying it out or stripping it of essential oils- with the Dermalogica range being highly impressive.

Clean skin shouldn’t have to equal really dry skin, and with Dermalogica Cleansers, it certainly won’t.

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