Keeping skin looking its best in the event of a breakout

Being graced with the odd spot every now and again is one of life’s little annoyances, although when you’re faced with a full on breakout, you can feel a lot more than just a little annoyed.

Whether breakouts are a regular or irregular occurrence for you, when you feel that your skin doesn’t look its best, your confidence isn’t likely to be at its best either, and this isn’t a nice way to feel.

The fact that shiny skin can often come hand in hand with a breakout can only make matters worse, especially as trying to minimise shine with layers of powder can make pores even more clogged. This can leave you wondering what to do for the best.

Rather than immediately reaching for the thick makeup though, the best thing to do is reach for a product which helps to control shine and which also helps spots to disappear- and Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier is brilliant at this.

Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier not only helps to control shine and send spots on their way, it also helps to clear congestion, so it’s not just great for helping to keep skin look as good as possible during a breakout, it’s great for keeping skin looking its best in the future.

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