Preventing an almighty makeup slide

When you’ve spent precious minutes in front of the mirror in the morning or before a big night out with the girls, the last thing you’ll want is to look in the mirror just a short time later to find that it’s slid about or slid off.

Even though there are some fantastic long wearing cosmetics out there at the moment, you can’t expect cosmetics to magically do all the hard work, and you do need to do a little work yourself.

The products which have been applied to your skin prior to makeup application can often be a deciding factor on whether your makeup stays put or slides, and if you’ve used heavily oil-based products which haven’t been absorbed by the skin properly, almighty slide could be just what you’re faced with.

Similarly, if you have excessively oily skin and aren’t using skin care or cosmetic products which are suitable for this skin type, your makeup might not last the duration.

Dermalogica has many great products- including oil-free moisturisers and foundations and an oil control product– which can help your beautifully applied makeup last for hours.

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