Keep skin super smooth this winter

Most people love summer and the warm sun which it brings, and whilst there are very few people who prefer shivering their socks off in icy conditions to basking in beautiful rays, some people do sigh a very small sigh of relief when summer disappears.

Summer clothing means that lots of flesh will be only display- so waxing, shaving, buffing and exfoliating can’t be neglected. Once temperatures start to dip and t shirts and shorts are replaced by thick woolly jumpers and jeans though, there’s barely an inch of bare flesh on display- and this results in some people completely stopping their skin care efforts.

Just because the skin on the body isn’t on display for all to see doesn’t mean that it should be forgotten about though, and an effort should still be made to keep it super smooth throughout the winter.

Keeping skin super smooth all winter long won’t take long at all, and all you’re likely to need to arm yourself with is a hydrating body wash, gentle exfoliant and good moisturiser- and Dermalogica has all of these.

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