Go the distance with an oil-free foundation

Ask many women of all ages what their must-have cosmetics are, and there’s a good chance that foundation will feature quite highly.

A good foundation has the power to make skin look absolutely flawless- and this can do wonders for the confidence.

The problem with some foundations though, is that whilst they can look fab when they’re first applied, as the minutes and hours start to pass, foundation can start to look oily or greasy and generally a lot less fresh than when it was first applied.

If this sounds like a familiar situation to you, the answer could be to invest in a good oil free foundation.

Using an oil-free foundation doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to use foundation which will eventually dry your skin out, as there are some great products about which can really hydrate whilst providing flawless coverage.

Dermalogica Treatment Foundations are an extremely popular oil-free foundation, and not only does it help to keep the skin shine free and your makeup efforts in place all day, coverage can also be adjusted to suit the skin’s specific daily needs.

Ensure that your foundation goes the distance by ensuring that Dermalogica Treatment Foundation is your product of choice.

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