Start the new season with a new approach to skin care

The summer seems to have sped by with alarming speed this year, and we’re now rapidly approaching the start of autumn.

Although the start of autumn means the start of a decline in temperatures (not that they have been particularly impressive throughout the course of the British summer), the new season does provide you with the perfect opportunity to take a new approach to your skin care regime.

Whether you feel that you may be a little guilty of not looking after your skin well enough, or whether you feel that you need to change the skin care products which you use due to changing weather conditions, the start of autumn is the perfect time to make that change.

First things first, you need to make sure that the cleanser, toner and moisturiser which you’re using are suitable. Another aspect of skin care which you need to take care of is protecting skin from the sun (yes, this is still a necessity when it’s cold and dull outside!)

Whatever new approach you’re looking to take with your skin care regime this autumn- take it with Dermalogica products– there are products to cater to most needs.

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