Been enjoying yourself a little too much?

There’s certainly nothing wrong with going out with friends, socialising and having a bit of fun, especially with things feeling a little bleak in the country at the moment. Letting your hair down, enjoying your favourite tipple and maybe even strutting your stuff on the dance floor are all fantastic for easing the pressure, particularly if you’ve had a rather taxing week at work.

However, the only problem with burning the candle at both ends every once in a while is that your skin can really start to suffer. For many people, it often doesn’t take long before the tell tale signs of a few late nights start to show on the skin- with one of the first areas to suffer being around the eyes.

Dark circles around the eyes often come hand in hand with lack of sleep, and when dehydrated skin around this area is thrown in to the equation, it’s fair to say that your complexion probably won’t be looking its glowing best.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care can help to rectify this situation though, as it’s superb at reducing the appearance of dark circles and reducing the puffy look around the eyes which often comes with tiredness. The Total Eye Care Treatment simultaneously hydrates and smoothes the skin- making for a much fresher look all round.

Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a spot of socialising every now and then- just make sure you have this great Dermalogica product to hand.

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