Make the perfect base for your make up

New cosmetics which claim to stay put throughout the duration of the day and beyond are constantly popping up on shop shelves, and whilst there’s no doubt that some of these products do have superior staying power, the base which you’re applying them to can also have an impact on longevity.

When it comes to cosmetics like foundation and concealer, however much you may have forked out for these products, if you’re applying them to bad base, they could start to slide off very quickly.

One product which will play a part in achieving the perfect base is your moisturiser- this product can make all the difference.

A moisturiser which creates an oily base certainly isn’t likely to help your make up stand the test of time, so you need to make sure you’re using a product which sinks into the skin without trace.

Knowing your skin type will really help you in picking the right type of moisturiser, and as there are some superb Dermalogica Moisturisers about, even those with excessively oily or very dehydrated can get on the right track to creating the perfect make up base.

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  1. charlotte

    In order to provide the skin with smooth and flawless appearance, skin primer has to be used prior to any makeup. This particular skin makeup base generally helps in holding the rest of the worn cosmetics together and letting it look fresh even after an extended period of time.

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