Ditch your dry concealer

Concealer is a must have product in the cosmetic cases of many women, as spots have a tendency to strike very unexpectedly, and a concealing product can really help to restore skin confidence.

Despite the fact that concealing products have come on leaps and bounds over recent years, many people still believe that in order to conceal a spot properly, they need to invest in the thickest product out there, although this definitely isn’t the case.

Thick concealers can look really dry and caked on, and this can make a blemish look even more noticeable- which largely defeats the object of using a concealing product in the first place.

Similarly, over time, some concealers can really dry out- so if you’re guilty of keeping hold of the same concealer for as long as you care to remember, it’s time to ditch the dry concealer and invest in something which does the job properly.

Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment is a great concealer- and not only does it conceal spots without looking thick and caked on, it also helps to clear breakouts in the process- so you can effectively conceal and treat spots without even the slightest hint of dryness.

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