Treat yourself to relaxation AND hydration

Dehydrated skin is a very common condition, and if you’re one of the many who has found themselves faced with very parched skin, you are likely to have noticed that there are now many products which have been specifically designed to deal with the condition.

Cleansers and moisturisers which can restore the skin’s hydration are a couple of the most common types of products which those with dry skin can take advantage of, and good products- such as those by Dermalogica- really can make a difference when used morning and night.

However, when you want to treat yourself and your skin simultaneously, why not invest in a face masque- Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque is a fantastic product?

By investing in Dermalogica Intensive Moisture masque, not only can you treat your skin to a healthy helping of hydration, you can simultaneously treat yourself to some ‘me time’.

Sit back and totally relax whilst Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque swiftly gets to work on replenishing moisture, conditioning the skin and leaving the skin soft and supple- this masque really is that effective!

By arming yourself with Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Masque, you can take advantage of a double-whammy of relaxation and hydration.

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