Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks protects skin in the sun with Dermalogica

It’s no secret that Dermalogica skin care products are firm favourites with celebrities all over the globe, and the latest A-lister to sing the praises of Dermalogica is Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks.

Since starring in Mad Men and becoming something of a household name, Christina has regularly fared well in polls of the most beautiful women in the world- and her stunning porcelain skin, which always looks nothing less than flawless, is sure to have had more than a helping hand in this.

In a world of perma fake tanned celebrities, Christina is a beautiful breath of fresh air, although if you have pale skin like Ms Hendricks, you’ll know just how vital it is to keep it protected from the sun. And when she’s looking to protect her skin from the sun’s harmful rays, Christina looks to no other than Dermalogica.

In a recent magazine interview she admitted that she was guilty of neglecting her skin in the past and explained:

“I took my skin for granted when I was younger – now I’m much more vigilant.
‘Living in L.A., just driving around, I’m getting sun – and I freckle easily. I use Dermalogica sunscreen, and I love their facials.”

So, if you needed any more proof that Dermalogica’s Solar Defence System products are essentials- all the proof is right here in the form of a Hollywood starlet.

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