Why spend on an expensive spa when you don’t need to?

Ok, so splashing out on a spa day can be a fantastic way of really relaxing, treating yourself and treating your skin. However, they don’t come cheap, and many people just don’t have the spare cash to splash at the moment.

You no longer have to make the choice between running up a huge credit card bill or completely going without though, as there are many affordable products out there today which allow you to recreate a true spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

When you head to a spa, you can generally expect fantastic facials, soothing soaks and the use of products which will enhance your skin no end, and there are tonnes of Dermalogica products available which will allow you to treat your skin just as luxuriously at a fraction of the price.

Dermalogica face masques are great for giving the skin a little treat- and masques are available to suit different skin types.

Products from the brilliant Dermalogica Body Therapy range allow you to lie back, relax in the bath and pamper your skin simultaneously- leaving it soft and supple.

It’s clear to see that you don’t need to spend on an expensive spa when Dermalogica products are at your fingertips.

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