Is your skin still suffering after winter?

Dermalogica Barrier RepairAlthough the snow and ice departed from most areas of the country a fair few weeks ago now, you’re not alone if your skin is still suffering the effects, and after having to endure such bitterly cold temperatures, it’s no surprise that there are many who are still trying to get their skin back to its beautiful best.

Freezing temperatures can quickly leave skin feeling parched and chapped, and if you stepped outside after using just your normal day to day moisturiser, your skin could really be feeling the effects.

Thankfully though, there are lots of brilliant skin care products on the market nowadays, and this means that you probably won’t face too much of as struggle to ease skin’s suffering.

Intense moisturising and hydrating products are a must when it comes to combating the after effects of a harsh winter and restoring the state of your skin, although you do need to make sure that you use good quality products which sink into the skin properly and which don’t leave a greasy residue.

The Dermalogica Barrier Repair and Intensive Moisture Balance products are brilliant at repairing skin damaged by climatic conditions, and in addition to repairing existing damage they can help against future skin assaults.

Turn to Dermalogica and stop skin’s suffering in its tracks.

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