Substitute your soap

If your daily skin care regime involves washing your skin with the nearest bar of soap sitting on the bathroom cabinet, you are definitely committing one of the biggest skin sins out there, and you’re certainly not doing your skin any favours.

We’ve all seen the soap adverts on TV- the ones which claim to leave your skin soft and supple. These soaps are highly unlikely to have been designed for use on the face though, and in some circumstances they could also do more harm than good to the skin on the body.

Different skin types all have very different needs- and these needs aren’t very likely to be met by using your average supermarket beauty soap.

As well as not cleansing skin properly, using skin can also have many other negative effects on the skin- with a couple of the most common being skin which feels dry and skin which feels tight. Soap can also leave it feeling very sensitive.

There are lots of great cleansers on the market at the moment though, so there really is no excuse for not investing in a good cleanser. Dermalogica has an enviable range of cleansers for all skin types and which are highly affordable, so substitute your soap for one today.

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