Ensure that skin looks matte for your photo opportunity

When you’re attending an event and know that cameras will constantly be clicking, it goes without saying that you will want to look picture perfect and the very best that you possibly can- and your skin can play a significant part in this.

It can be all too easy for skin to look shiny on photos- especially when a flash is used- so you need to make sure that your skin looks as matte as possible. Achieving and maintaining matte skin sometimes isn’t as easy as it sounds though, especially if your skin suffers with excess oil production at the best of times.

Investing in products which can reign in excess oil production and which will help to keep skin looking matte throughout the duration of the day or night will ensure that you’re more than prepared for the flash of the camera though.

The use of oil free cleansers and moisturisers will go a long way in keeping skin matte, and if you wear cosmetics, using an oil-free rather than an oil-based foundation will help.

Investing in a product specifically designed to keep skin matte can also help- scores of people swear by Dermalogica Oil Control Lotion.

In fact, Dermalogica has plenty of products which will ensure that you feel fully confident about your skin when those photo opportunities come knocking.

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