Weather and Stock Update – 06/12/2010

Further to our blog post dated 02/12/2010, and the update provided on 03/12/2010  regarding the weather and stock issues, we would like to further update our customers on the current situation.

Although the weather is still very severe in some places Dermalogica UK are back up to full capacity processing and dispatching our orders as normal. We received 2 of our deliveries on Saturday which has enabled us to catch up with the small number of orders which were out of stock and has enabled us to process the majority of orders received over the weekend and today. There will still be a small number out of stock at the end of today but we are really pleased to be expecting to receive another large order tomorrow. This will result in our normal service resuming as of tomorrow.

Whilst we know that our customer’s understand that we have no control over the weather and the affect on our supply, we greatly appreciate all of their patience and understanding over the last few days. Thank you.

In regards to Royal Mail we know that a large part of the UK is still greatly affected by bad weather and this is understandably making it very difficult for Royal Mail to make their deliveries. We would ask for a little more patience when expecting a delivery from us. We know that they have 20,000 extra staff working to deal with the increase in volume during the busy Christmas period and we even received a delivery yesterday (Sunday 05/12/2010)  which shows that some local delivery offices are working very hard to clear the backlog.

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