Is your skin starting to show the effects of one too many late nights?

Lots of people feel the need to really let their hair down after a week at work, and nobody is disputing that a night out at your favourite bar or club is a great way of leaving all of the stresses of the working week behind.

Whilst a night out every now and again never did any harm, when you start to burn the candle at both ends, your body can really start to suffer.

One of the first areas where you are likely to notice a difference after too many late nights on the town is your skin. Lack of sleep and alcohol can put you on a fast track to seriously dehydrated skin, and these often come hand in hand with nights out.

However, provided you invest in the right products, you don’t have to put up with a dull and tired complexion.

When your skin isn’t in its best condition, using your usual cleanser, toner and moisturiser might not be enough, so you should invest in a product which provides a little extra.

Many people swear by Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Masque when they need to give skin some serious TLC after some serious night’s out, and it really can help to restore skin back to its pre-party best.

You don’t need to sacrifice your night’s out or the state of your skin (especially with the Christmas party season coming up), provided you invest in top quality products.

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