Don’t let a big night out lead to a big breakout

Organising a big night out on the town with all of those friends which you haven’t seen for what feels like an absolute lifetime is a great way of catching up and having tonnes of fun at the same time, and it will also give you something to look forward to during those long and boring weekdays.

Ask any girl, and they’re highly likely to admit that one of the best parts of any big night on the town is getting ready. Few things beat making yourself feel truly amazing with lots of pampering and beauty products- leaving you feeling confident and ready to face your fellow party people.

However, whilst applying makeup- glass of wine at the ready- might be fun, many women don’t feel so enthusiastic at the end of the night after a couple of cocktails and hours on the dance floor.

The importance of taking makeup off before retiring for the night can’t be stressed enough though, and failing to do so will not only leave skin looking and feeling awful the morning after, but could also leave you facing a big breakout.

At the very least, you should cleanse skin to remove every last trace of makeup, and then moisturise in order to rehydrate- especially after consuming alcohol.

Dermalogica skin care products are very quick, easy and effective to use and are therefore perfect for those nights when you literally can’t wait to nod off.

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