Don’t let the look of your eyes let you down

Sometimes, a really hectic lifestyle simply can’t be avoided, and when you’re rushed off your feet you could find that you barely have the time to think, let alone take proper care of your skin.

However tempting it may be to throw yourself under the duvet without bothering with your skin care regime, it really does pay to summon up that last bit of energy to ensure that skin is kept looking bright and beautiful even when you are completely shattered.

One of the first areas of your skin which can start to suffer when you’re extremely busy is the skin around your eyes, as it is extremely delicate. Even when you do make the effort to stick to your usual skin care routine before you hit the sack, if you’re not getting enough hours sleep, there may be mornings when you head to the bathroom mirror only to be faced with dark circles and puffy bags around the eyes.

Rather than telling yourself that you will deal with the situation properly when you have a little more time to spend on yourself, you should make the effort to perk up your eyes immediately with Dermalogica Total Eye Care.

Dermalogica Total Eye Care smoothes, firms and replenishes, whilst also helping to banish the look of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness- so you can head out of the house feeling as fresh as daisy- even if you don’t feel that way!

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