Shift spots while your sleep soundly

When you regularly suffer with breakouts, waiting for your blemishes to disappear can feel like a lifetime, and this is certainly no way to live your life.

Touching and picking at blemishes in the hope that they might disappear a little more quickly is extremely tempting, although this is a major skin sin, as it can not only lead to skin looking worse, but could also lead to the situation spreading.

There are lots of great Dermalogica products which can help you to clear spots as you go about your day to day duties, and the good news is that you can also help to give spots the heave-ho whilst you’re fast asleep.

Whether or not you suffer with blemishes, getting at least 8 hours sleep a night as often as possible is vital in allowing your body to recharge and help to keep nasty illnesses at bay, although when you do have blemishes which you can’t wait to see the back of, those 8 hours are a vital weapon in your war.

When you need a product which can work on shifting spots during the night, Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel could be the one for you.

This fantastic gel not only helps to get rid of existing skin imperfections, but can also help to stop them from reappearing in the future- and all whilst you’re snoozing soundly.

Enjoy a good night’s sleep even more by banishing blemishes simultaneously.

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