Clearing up spots quickly

If you regularly find yourself struggling to control a less than clear complexion, it’s safe to say that you are probably always on the hunt for ways to clear breakouts up as quickly as possible.

However, there is often a very fine line between clearing up breakouts quickly and making the situation worse. We all know how tempting it can be too squeeze a spot in the hope that it will disappear more quickly, although this can not only make it look much worse but could also make it spread- leading to a much longer healing period.

If you need to cover up blemishes using makeup, make sure that you use a product which allows skin to breathe, as layering on thick products could not only look awful but could further clog skin.

Luckily, when you’re looking to clear up skin quickly, Dermalogica has many great products which can really help.

When you’re looking to cover spots up, Dermalogica Concealing Spot Treatment can help to disguise blemishes whilst simultaneously helping to banish them- so you don’t have to risk using unsuitable makeup.

Clearing skin whilst you sleep is also a very easy task when you arm yourself with Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel, and as well as helping to shift existing breakouts, this fantastic product can also help to prevent future blemishes.

To dry out breakouts whatever the time of day, Dermalogica Special Clearing Booster is indispensable, and can really help to bring down redness.

Take a look at Dermalogica’s fab range of products and swiftly give blemishes the heave-ho.

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