Protecting skin isn’t just for the ladies

We are all now fully aware of the importance of protecting the skin against the sun’s rays on a daily basis- whatever the time of year- and whilst more and more ladies are realising that incorporating a sun screen into their skin care regime is vital, some men are unfortunately trailing behind.

Whilst ‘metro-sexual’ men are on the rise, some guys are still of the opinion that splashing out on skin care products is ‘girly’, although this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Even on those dull and dreary days when the sun doesn’t even seem to make a brief appearance, UV rays can still have a very damaging effect on skin, and these rays can very quickly help to contribute to skin looking far older than its’ years.

Nowadays, new skin care products for men are constantly being introduced on the market, and their masculine packaging and musky scents mean that they are anything but girly.

One fantastic product which should be a must-have in any guy’s bathroom cabinet is Dermalogica Daily Defence Block, which contains SPF 15.

In addition to helping to shield skin from the sun’s rays, Dermalogica Daily Defence Block is also a great addition to the shaving regime, as it rehydrates skin whilst helping to prevent in-grown hairs.

Protect skin from sun damage whilst helping to look its best yet with Dermalogica Daily Defence Block.

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