Have you left summer skin care until the very last minute?

Even though a large proportion of the UK has seen heavy rain showers recently, the summer is not yet over and there’s still time for the warm sun to grace us once- even if it is just for a couple of days.

There are also still a lucky few who are still waiting in anticipation to jet off on their foreign summer holiday, although as many High Street stores are now starting to focus on autumn/ winter stock, getting your hands on those last minute essentials is becoming increasingly difficult.

Whether you’re planning on spending the remainder of the summer on UK soil or in sunnier climes, if you still haven’t invested in sunscreen, you could find that your options become more and more limited with each passing day.

Unlike the stores in your local shopping centre though, Dermalogica has a fantastic range of sun protection products available all year round– and there’s still plenty of time to shop for them online.

The Dermalogica Solar Defence System consists of effective and high quality products for the face and body, and they are specially tailored to suit different skin types.

Don’t panic about finding that all-important last minute sun protection- head straight for Dermalogica.

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