Skin care survey reveals some shocking results

A recent skin care survey has unearthed some of the many skin sins that many women make- and they aren’t pretty.

Even though most of us know just how important a proper skin care regime is, it seems that some women still aren’t taking it seriously, and they are committing a range of serious faux-pas.

Of the women surveyed, over 50% confessed to investing in products that they’ve never used, and even when they knew they were highly unlikely to ever use them, 81% admitted they still didn’t confine them to the bathroom bin!

Further shocking results revealed that some women are so attached to their products that they are prepared to hold onto them for dear life- with over 10% confessing that they owned products that were over four years old! Yuck!

Lack of a suitable skin care regime was again highlighted by the 49% of women who admitted to spending five minutes or under on their skin each day, in addition to the 15% who were still using the same products they used in their teens!

A spokesperson for the survey expressed her shock at the results and said: “This research shows that many women are worryingly unaware of the importance of looking after their skin throughout their lives.

If the results of the survey have shocked you into giving your skin care regime an overhaul, Dermalogica have a fantastic range of products for all skin types, which can help you to tailor a skin care regime which is perfect for your needs- unlike the regime’s of so many of the women questioned!

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